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It is forcast to be Chance of Rain at 11:00 PM EDT on July 27, 2014
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It is forcast to be Chance of Rain at 11:00 PM EDT on July 28, 2014
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It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 11:00 PM EDT on July 29, 2014
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It is forcast to be Chance of Rain at 11:00 PM EDT on August 01, 2014
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  • By The Bridge Catering Company Opening Downtown
    By The Bridge is Peterborough's newest catering company, and will be opening a retail location between Scholars' Books and Thea's Books on Water Street in downtown Peterborough. They will also offer selections for lunch and ready-to-go meals.[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]Tip us at tips@ptbocanada.com. Follow us on Twitter, Pinter […]
  • Cheer On Paul Nabuurs As He Represents Peterborough At The Art Battle Finals
    Paul Nabuurs won the Peterborough finals of Art Battle, and he will be representing Peterborough at The Art Battle Finals (a live competitive painting contest where each painter has 20 minutes create a painting).Paul commented on Facebook page this morning..."So this is it !!! Getting ready to head down to Maple Leaf Gardens to compete tonight. Never th […]
  • Joey Is The Cutest Thing Ever
    Thanks to Jim Moloney, Manager and Curator at Riverview Park and Zoo, for sending us this awesome picture of the Joey... Here's the Joey back in May... Tip us at tips@ptbocanada.com. Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and Like us on Facebook.
  • We Take You For A Paddle Boat Ride Around Peterborough
    Our lifestyle reporter Julie Morris, along with her friend Tracey Johnston, set out on a paddle boat ride on the Otonabee River and Little Lake on Friday (July 25th).... @CupcakeJu and I have started our paddling adventure @Ptbo_Canada #pedalandpaddle #paddleboat pic.twitter.com/PIKJf6tjfK— Tracey Johnston (@TraceyMJohnston) July 25, 2014 There is nothing be […]
  • Someone Stole The Gnomes From The Magical Fairy Tree On Charlotte Street
    The well known "Fairy Tree" on Charlotte near Albertus has always been decorated in a magical way. It's really neat stuff. But now someone has apparently stolen the gnomes that go with the tree. Bring that tree more magic, and bring them back! Saw this on Charlotte St. Come on people. Who does this? Bring the Gnomes home! @Ptbo_Canada pic.twit […]
  • A Peterborough Woman, Her Late Dad And The Beautiful Connection Blue Rodeo Has To Them
    Mark holding his baby Ashley at 6 months Congrats to Peterborough's Ashley Doherty, winner of our VIP Blue Rodeo contest, who will be attending their special concert August 8th at the Memorial Centre as part of Trent University's 50th anniversary celebrations.When we informed her she won, she told us this in an email: "Wow, thank you so much! […]
  • PTBOCanada Featured Post: Green Eyewear Optical
    Inside the new Green Eyewear store at 234 Hunter St. W Green Eyewear: excellent new location Local business owners Shane and Amanda Palmer have recently moved their George Street store Green Eyewear Optical to the brand new building at the corner of Hunter St and Alymer St (234 Hunter St W), in downtown Peterborough. It was very important to them to keep the […]
  • A Look From High Above At 14,500 People In Peterborough Rocking Out To Tegan & Sara
    Tegan and Sara put on an amazing free show last night (July 23rd) in front of about 14,500 fans at Del Crary park as part of Peterborough Musicfest. And the action was caught from above by a plane. "Musicfest trys to get some aerial footage of one show a year," explains David Feeley, Musicfest board member and TVCogeco Manager, Programming & Co […]
  • Groovy: New Online Payment System For Large Article Collections
    A new online tool will allow City of Peterborough residents to arrange for curbside collection of their large articles from the comfort of their home.Visit the City’s Waste Management webpage. Under “Current News” there, select “Large Article Collection Info”. Then click on “On-line Purchase” and then choose the collection date you prefer, the items you want […]
  • A St. Bernard Named Princess Is Missing In Peterborough
    UPDATE: Princess has been found... in the strangest of spots...@Ptbo_Canada @SelwynTownship We found Princess! She dug a small hole under the house and got stuck! No barking to let us know where she was.— Melissa Wilson (@melissa0136) July 23, 2014 ORIGINAL POSTA St. Bernard is missing in the Selwyn area. She answers to the name Princess, and is apparently n […]
  • Papa John's Pizza Opening Location in Peterborough
    The retail chain Papa John's will be opening a pizzeria in Peterborough as they also celebrate 30 years in business.The restaurant will be opening on Lansdowne Street West, just behind A&W.They are looking for part-time and full time delivery men. [update: "people", we meant][Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]Tip us at tips@ptboca […]
  • Party City Franchise Moving Into Blockbuster's Old Location
    Construction workers have been hard at work to get the old Blockbuster Video location on Lansdowne St. ready for a new party supply store to move in. Party City will offer party, birthday and wedding supplies, along with costumes and party favours for special events. This will be the 25th Party City store to open in Ontario. You can follow Party City on Face […]
  • Awesome Idea: The "Repair Cafe" Takes Place July 28th At Silver Bean
    Photo via RepairCafePTBO Facebook page Repair Cafe Peterborough is holding a  an event Monday, July 28th at the Silver Bean Cafe.Repair Cafe is a cool, simple concept: Bring your broken items out (July 28th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to the Silver Bean at Millennium Park), and work with Repair Cafe Fixers to mend, darn, reattach, rewire, or diagnose what ne […]
  • The Weather Network Reminds Peterborough That This Heat Isn't So Bad
    We tweeted at the Weather Network today (July 21st) about how hot it is here, and they sent these tweets back to us and their nearly 300,000 followers. Thanks for the reminder...You can thank @Ptbo_Canada for this friendly reminder: pic.twitter.com/ufpXmod9yw— The Weather Network (@weathernetwork) July 21, 2014 .@Ptbo_Canada Just remember, this is coming in […]
  • Josh The Puppy Has Been Found With The Help Of Social Media
    A puppy dog named Josh went missing in the Sherbrooke and Monaghan area early Saturday morning after he slipped off his leash. His family was worried sick, and took to social media.The call for help from Stephanie Guyatt on her Twitter handle about her missing dog...Lost dog JOSH in Sherbrooke & Monaghan area. Call 705-868-2339 friendly. got off his coll […]
  • Thanks To The Hundreds Of New Fans Joining Our Facebook Page
    We have been amping up posts on our PTBOCanada Facebook page, with more highly shareable content and pictures, and more contests and special promotions. Hundreds of new fans have joined us in recent weeks—we're closing in on 2,500. Give us a "Like" over there, and spread the word about us by tagging us on Facebook and your other social media c […]