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  • Kindness Of Stranger Allows Autistic Boy To Ride A Bike Again
    Kate and Jason Wells have given PTBOCanada readers a window of what it's like to have an autistic son in a previous post from last year. There are difficult moments on a daily basis, but there are also joyous moments. Like this for example involving Aidan getting a 3-wheel bike. As Kate writes in a Facebook post, "The kindness of people is astoundi […]
  • Look: Flooding In Peterborough
    UPDATE No. 2: Here are photos by our Evan Holt of the Pedal 'n' Paddle (beneath the Silver Bean Cafe), which now has a few feet of water in it, and of East City... UPDATED: Scott Arnold captured these dramatic images today (April 18th) of the flooding in Peterborough, as ORCA advises the situation is expected to worsen before it gets better... Holi […]
  • Style File Two: Look -#x3E; What's Your Style Peterborough?
    Ashton Swinnerton In the Spotlight: Ashton SwinnertonAsh's Style File Notes: There's nothing more refreshing than being perfectly dressed for an activity. Ashton is kicking it 90s Grunge for a little afternoon leisure by the Otonabee.What Ashton says about her style: "It's always supporting how I am feeling at the time. Right now, I' […]
  • City In Need: Check Out This Kawartha Food Share Fact Sheet
    Kawartha Food Share distributes food to 37 local agencies that run food banks, food cupboards and meal programs. Here's some stats from 2013 they provided to us—many alarming—about the number of people in need in the community:• 48 schools access Kawartha Food Share to help with their breakfast clubs and meal programs. In the month of March 2013, more t […]
  • Silver Bean Café Introducing PTBOCanada Coffee Blend From Kyoto This Summer
    As a fun cross-promotion, we are delighted to announce that the Silver Bean Café will be serving a PTBOCanada Coffee this summer, a special Kyoto Coffee Blend.As Silver Bean explains in a Facebook post announcing the promotion, "We decided to approach Tracy at Kyoto Coffee and ask her to make a special blend for us, one worthy to be called PTBOCanada Co […]
  • Upcoming 2014 B!ke Cycle Touring Workshops In Peterborough
    B!ke: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub (336 Rubidge Street) is hosting a three part Cycle Touring Workshop series. The workshops will be held on Sundays once per month from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. The cost per workshop is $15 for members, $20 for non-members, or $40 for the series. You can register in advance via email as space is highly limited.Your Body - […]
  • Sacred Water Circle Gathering At Trent University May 2nd to 4th
    The Sacred Water Circle Gathering, a powerful convergence of First Nations leaders and wisdom keepers, takes place at Trent University from May 2nd to May 4th. This indigenous-led initiative will bring together scientists, industry, academia, water professionals, the faith community and the general public with Elders and Traditional Teachers from all over th […]
  • PTBOCanada Featured Post: Social Worker Stephanie Moeser
    Often, people move on from smaller towns to larger metropolises for work. Stephanie Moeser and her family did the exact opposite last summer when they uprooted and moved from Toronto up the 115 to Peterborough. The draw of an active arts community, vibrant downtown atmosphere and natural environment provided all the incentive they needed to pack up and leave […]
  • D'Agostini Says Goodbye To Fans
    An amazing goalie, but more important a heart of gold. We won't forget Dagger. Watch this interview he did with TV Cogeco after last night's final game... [TV Cogeco Peterborough]Tip us at tips@ptbocanada.com. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and Like us on Facebook.
  • Peterborough Model Mike Rodin Making Waves On Global Stage—And Harlequin Book Covers
    Peterborough Model Mike Rodin, who recently strutted his stuff on the the Catwalks of Toronto Fashion Week 2014 for HD Homme, Filthy Haanz, Farley Chatto, Soia Kyo, Rudsak and Viggo, is making waves on the international stage. Over the past few months, the Strutt Central model has booked campaigns for Old Spice, Ash City, Gucci Showroom, Hazelton Lanes and m […]
  • Wild Rock Spring 2014 Gear and Bike Swap Is This Saturday
    Wild Rock Outfitters (169 Charlotte Street) is hosting their annual Gear and Bike Swap on Saturday, April 12th at 10 a.m. Bring in your gear before the 11th and if it sells, you can get 100% store credit, or 80% cash.[Contributed by PtboCanada's Evan Holt]Tip us at tips@ptbocanada.com. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and Like us on Facebook.
  • PTBOCanada Featured Post: Sales Representative Patrick McAuley On The Art Of Selling A Home
    The thought of selling a home is a scary one for a lot of people. Numerous fears creep into one’s mind and they can take a lot to overcome. Not only is the physical task of preparing the home to be listed a tough one, but almost even tougher is the ability to mentally prepare yourself to let go.Patrick McAuley of Bowes and Cocks knows about these difficultie […]
  • 2014 Green Waste Pickup Has Started In Peterborough
    Place your green waste in reusable containers with labels, bushel baskets or paper yard waste bags. No plastic bags. You can pick up labels at City Hall, Peterborough GreenUP and local Home Hardware stores.Securely tie brush in bundles up to 1 m or 3 feet in length and 30 cm or 12 inches in diameter, weighing no more than 22 kg or 50 lbs.For more information […]
  • Style File One: Look -#x3E; What's Your Style Peterborough?
    Franny Note: This marks the introduction of a new column called "What's Your Style Peterborough?" written by local fashionista Ash Street.In The Spotlight: FrannyAsh's Style File Notes: I spotted her a couple of weeks ago at Hunter and George, and was very struck by her look. On that day, she was wearing a pencil skirt paired with this co […]

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Peterborough Lakefield Community Police News

  • April 17, 2014 - Notable Incidents
    On April 17, 2014 there were 67 Calls for Service. These incidents include a Voyeurism Arrest, a Domestic Assault Arrest and a Cause a Disturbance Arrest.
  • April 16, 2014 - Notable Incidents
    On April 16, 2014 there were 51 Calls for Service. These incidents include a Break and Enter and a Theft and Fraud under $5,000 Arrest.
  • April 15, 2014 - Notable Incidents
    On April 15, 2014 there were 65 Calls for Service. These incidents include a Lockdown at Holy Cross High School and a Domestic Breach of Probation Arrest.
  • April 12-14, 2014 - Notable Incidents
    From the morning of April 12-14, 2014 there were 232 Calls for Service. These incidents include a Cause a Disturbance Arrest, a Domestic Uttering Threats Arrest, an Obstruct Police Arrest and an Assault Police charge.
  • April 11, 2014 - Notable Incidents
    On April 11, 2014 there were 82 Calls for Service. These incidents include a Domestic Criminal Harassment Arrest and a Mischief under $5,000 Arrest.